Chase Dance was built to fulfill our dream of sharing our passion and knowledge of dance, fitness, and wellness with every person we meet. We believe every dream is possible with hard work, commitment, integrity, and a drive to succeed. We surround each student with role models that exude positivity, integrity, and talent.  We strive to provide a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment to everyone who enters 1233 Libra Dr. With music, choreography, and costumes that are age appropriate we look forward to bringing life lessons, a love of movement and a strong sense of self to each student both now and every day after.


With hearts full of joy, we welcome you to Chase (the Spirit of) Dance,

Stephanie & Bob Chase

ballet studio, dance training & studio

Chase the Spirit of Dance

(402) 904-4091

1233 Libra Drive
Lincoln, NE 68512

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